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Thassos island is the most northerly of all the Greek islands and can be found in the Aegean Sea nestled between the Halkidiki Peninsular and Kavala. Conveniently, it is only 6 kilometres away from the nearest port on the mainland. Along with its stunning natural beauty this is one of the reasons for Thassos's popularity: no lengthy ferry boat journeys. In fact, Thassos is only 35 minutes away from the mainland port of Keramoti.

Thassos is almost circular and has a rugged beauty, with the Ipsarion Mountain range dominating the interior of the island. The mountains are covered in rich and dense forests, mainly pine but also plane and oak are dominant, there is even an ancient cedar forest. You will find mountain streams which cascade over waterfalls until ultimately reaching the sea and the wonderful beaches.

Kalliston is located in Limenas town (Thassos town) right across Agios Vasilios Beach. The capital of the island, Limenas, is located at the north, and it offers many options to the visitors. Having countless beaches all over its coasts, Limenas is the perfect place for those who want to combine the sun and sea in the morning and the cosmopolitan nightlife in the evening.

At Limenas (Thassos) you will find many café-bars which are fully crowed all day long, while the restaurants and the patisseries offer unique gastronomic tastes.

The market of Limenas, doesn’t need to be jealous from the markets of the major cities! Traditional shops, but also major companies stores can be found as well here, to keep every visitor satisfy. A simple walk in the market will convene you!

At the old traditional port, you can find the well-known Kalogeriko, a double floor building which is used by the Municipality of Thassos as a cultural center and it hosts many different exhibitions, speeches and conferences during the year. Finally, the visitors must definatly see the archeological museum and all of the ancient areas of Limenas. Do not forge to visit the Ancient Theatre of Thassos. Limenas is a small city which has developed from the ancient years and thus many remarkable exhibits can be found.